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We have always been impressed by the thorough and professional approach of the practice. They provide a good and reliable service and will follow up the written report with helpful advice and comment. In the case of one property they saved us from what could have been an expensive mistake.

Mr CF and Miss GH, Streatham (who over the years have instructed surveys on 4 houses with us).

Surveys for House Buyers

Our Building Survey Report gives house buyers an informed opinion on which to base a decision to purchase, negotiate or, if need be, to walk away from a property. The report will describe the property, discuss it’s condition and highlight any significant issues.

We are happy to conduct you around the property to advise you on the significant issues and discuss options for rectification.

We have trusted contacts who provide specialist advice on building services and structural engineering.  We can also organise a measured survey of the property.
We aim to give you a verbal report on the property the next working day and provide a written report one week later.  The report is illustrated with photographs and discusses and appraises the significant issues.  We also make ourselves available to discuss the report and clarify any issues with you and guide you in your next steps.

Given the nature of this service we would want to discuss with you the nature of the property and understand your needs therefore we would ask you to call us on tel 020 8853 8383. We will provide you with a fee proposal for your agreement before works commence.

Additionally, we are able to calculate the rebuilding cost for buildings insurance purposes but we do not offer advice on the price of property.

Surveys for your Existing Property

We provide surveys to help property owners manage their buildings effectively. These generally fall into two types:

  • A Schedule of Defects
  • Maintenance Audit

Our Schedule of Defects is a concise document which identifies the current defects in the property and sets out the appropriate remedy. Its purpose is to bring to the attention of the property owner the significant defects and provide a list of actionable points.

Simple defects can usually be passed directly to a suitable building maintenance company for action. Large or complex solutions may require specifications by a building professional. If matters are found which require further investigation we will identify the nature of those investigations.

The Schedule of Defects is a punchy style of report concentrating on the defects. It is a service aimed at confident and capable clients who are able to progress the issues raised. We are happy to discuss if this is appropriate for your circumstances tel 020 8853 8383.

A fee proposal will be provided for your agreement before works commence.

Maintenance Audit is a more extensive report. It goes through each element of the building fabric and sets out in general terms the condition now and the maintenance expected in the future.  Typically these look forward 5 or 10 years. The reports are usually costed to facilitate budgeting and identify priorities to allow choices to be made where budgets are limited.

We have carried out these audits for resident management companies, charities, and commercial property owners.
We will provide you with a fee proposal for your agreement before works commence.

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Tel: 020 8853 8383    e: [email protected]