Defect Analysis

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Defect Analysis

…thankyou for your concise and helpful defect analysis report, just what the Board of Blackheath Preservation Trust needed in considering its options.

Ted Watts Hon DSc FRICS

Problems with your Building?

We investigate defects to identify their cause and advise on suitable corrective action. We have diagnosed hundreds of problems, identified strategies for resolving issues and helped clients take the relevant measures to resolve the matter. Problems that we have tackled include:

Roof leaks
Damp walls and floors,
Mould growth
Fungal growth
Cracking concrete
Failing pointing,
Wood rotting fungal attack, (eg dry rot)
Cracking walls and floors
Doors and windows failing prematurely
Conservatory leaks
Sagging floors
Noise transmission
Dissatisfaction with the quality of new construction
Mechanical damage, (e.g. impact by a vehicle)

See the Defects case study to follow our investigation into a scorched gymnasium floor.

Is it practical?

We are able to advise you of the practicality of proposed alterations. Can a wall be removed? Is a downstairs cloakroom possible? Where can I have a wine cellar? We have provided answers to these questions and many others.

Surely not !

We have come across some shockingly bad, fraudulent in fact, advice by unscrupulous persons to obtain work. We will give you a second opinion on the need for works and the repair best suited to the circumstances. If you have doubts whether your contractor is giving you the complete picture, give us a call.

Please ring us to discuss your issue, whatever it may be. We will quickly be able to establish if we can help and suggest a way forward. If we consider that another specialist is best suited to advise you we will point you in the right direction.

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