Party Wall Issues

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Party Wall Issues

In recent years Clive Edghill has provided me with advice on issues associated with the the Party Wall Act. I have found his advice to be thorough, balanced and helpful and I can recommend him without reservation.

Sir N.B, Greenwich

The Party Wall etc. Act 1996 places obligations on owners who propose to undertake works to the party wall or in proximity to their neighbours’ property. These obligations include giving neighbours one to two months notice of certain works. Building works which are affected include:

  • Works which affect the party wall between two properties
  • Works affecting an adjoining building
  • Excavations where buildings/structures are adjacent
  • Building astride the boundary

for example:

› Building into a party wall to install beams.
› Raising the party wall such as to enclose an additional storey.
› Building a new wall on the line of the boundary or up to the boundary.
› Excavating near your neighbours’ property, for a new building, extension or drains.

Neighbours can agree matters between themselves but where there is no written consent the Act sets out a procedure for resolution of the issues and requires each party to appoint a surveyor.

We act as Party Wall Surveyors both for owners proposing to undertake building work and also for owners who find that their neighbours are about to build. We provide initial advice to owners on how to approach matters and once appointed, we handle matters with your neighbours and their surveyor.

The surveyors make sure the work is adequately defined and that suitable measures have been adopted to safeguard the party wall and neighbour’s property. This is embodied in an Award agreed by the two surveyors which is binding on both parties.

Further information is published by the Department for Communities and Local Government in their “Party Wall etc. Act 1996: Explanatory Booklet”. This can be obtained in printed or electronic form at their website,

See also the Pyramus and Thisbe Club, Laymans Guide and the RICS “useful guide” to Party Walls

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